Barging Solutions:
Meet the team

Barging Solutions is a team of 6 passionate people, all experienced in inland navigation, with their own areas of expertise. The functions within our company are diverse, but you obviously need to have some great passions to feel like a fish in the water. Curious about the people at Barging Solutions?


The key figures of Barging Solutions

Decades of experience, born in inland shipping, combined with fresh insights and tons of passion for the trade, result in in-depth knowledge. Thus, every day our team provides fast, safe and efficient handling of all your transport, no matter what products and how big the cargo.

Marissa Coupé Sales manager bulk, breakbulk & containers en Head of chartering +32 3 204 94 58
Britt Hantson Chartering +32 3 204 94 59
Alyssia Van Gaever Charter & billing +32 3 204 94 49
Xena Borms Chartering +32 3 204 92 00
Conny Oosterwaal Chartering +32 3 204 94 55
Frank Hellebosch General + pricing contracts en pricing transport of pallets +32 3 204 94 50

Are you ready to move forward?

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