Grains and fodder

Cereals, livestock and other fodders are usually transported in large quantities. As they are foodstuffs, they need to be handled with special care. Barging Solutions transports your grains and feeds with the utmost care and dedication.


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Ores and minerals

These raw materials each have their very specific modes of loading and transportation.


Because of their unusual shape or significant size, they require additional expertise.

Grains and fodder

Since they are foodstuffs, they should be treated with special care.


However the steel is packed and whatever the volumes: your steel transport will be taken care of to perfection.

Building materials

Barging Solutions provides efficient barge transport of various construction materials.

Containers and pallets

Inland shipping is today the optimal solution for inland transport of containers & pallets.


Het verschepen van meststoffen voldoet aan strenge eisen, zo dienen de schepen optimaal gereinigd te zijn.

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