Values and standards
Within Barging Solutions

Like other companies, we have our own vision and mission. We are happy to share our values and standards with you so that you can get to know us better and understand better why we do what we do.


Market becomes more complex

First of all, you should know that the landscape in inland navigation has changed a lot in recent years. In the early years of inland navigation, simply providing transport from point A to point B for a specific product or commodity was enough. Today, the inland waterway transport market has become much more complex. Where simple goods transport used to suffice, today the market demands a total solution or integral concept.

Customer contact becomes even more important

Customers today are – rightly – more demanding than a few years ago. Where customers used to be satisfied with basic services, today they are mostly looking for package solutions or someone who takes care of an entire process. The buzzword today is ‘unburdening’.

In our case, customers are companies. We call them B2B customers. A company, big or small, has many worries. Not least when it comes to arranging transport to get their goods to the customer, for example. Companies have a lot to arrange, have to take into account numerous rules and obligations and, in turn, also have customers with quite a list of wishes and requirements. Not surprisingly, these companies are looking for a partner to take everything concerning transport off their hands.

Synergy with changing markets

Barging Solutions has noticed the changing markets in time and anticipated them quickly and adequately. Our mission is therefore to offer carefree all-inclusive waterborne transport to demanding customers for whom only the best is good enough.

This demanding nature lies in very different things. Some examples:

– The type of product to be transported. For example, transporting break bulk requires a different approach than transporting fertilizer.
– The time of day: should the transport take place during the day or at night? How urgent is the delivery?
– The safety regulations: At all times the health and safety regulations of the various customers must be taken into account. The skippers will be given the necessary info on this.
– The quantity or volume of products to be transported.
Changing customer views: Complying is no longer an issue. Exceeding is the message.

Barging Solutions therefore puts optimal emphasis on teamwork, trust and precision.

Why we do what we do

It sounds corny, we know. But at Barging Solutions, we turn clichés into steel-hard reality and purposefully go for quality service, thorough expertise and happy customers and employees alike.

Barging Solutions therefore stands for:

– Tailor-made integrated solutions for the discerning client
– A friendly word, tailor-made advice and a helping hand (or two)
– A rock-solid team of experts ready to advise and assist you at any time.

We believe that you can only do your job well if you do what you love to do. What you love to do, you do well and our team proves that every day. Even in this competitive, changing world, they show their best side and go to extremes for ultimate customer satisfaction.

At Barging Solutions, we believe that valued employees with a good work-life balance who do what they love to do ensure unparalleled quality and service in the workplace.

Are you ready to move forward?

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